New York City is the #1 global city. Its influence reaches the entire world.

The churches of the MNYBA are connected around the world as well. To advance the kingdom through these global connections, MNYBA partners with believers in other global cities for evangelism, church planting, and ministry. We call this Global City Partnerships.

Our current Global City Partnerships:


Our partnership strategy here has four major components:

College students: Sharing Christ on university campuses
Business Workshops: Providing workshops for business leaders on vision casting, team building, staff development out of a Christian commitment
Theological Education: Teaching pastors and church leaders
Evangelism Training: Teaching believers how to share the gospel

For security reasons, those who participate in our East Asia Partnership make their own travel arrangements. If you are interested in serving, MNYBA can put you in touch with local leaders to arrange your trip.


In Dakar, we partner with local missionaries to evangelize a specific neighborhood in this city. Teams engage in street evangelism among local residents and businesses. MNYBA provides pre-mission trip training in the local language and culture.  French speakers and those skilled in evangelism among Muslims make excellent team members.

MNYBA arranges these trips throughout the year.

If you or your church are interested in partnering with these Global City Partnerships, contact George Russ at 212.580.0655 or by email at